Renaming Multiple Files – Folders at Once in Windows

Time and again you land up in a situation where you have to rename multiple files or folder and if these files are high in number then the job becomes tedious and time consuming. Windows XP and later versions have a built in functionality to rename multiple files at a go.

How to rename multiple files in Windows XP?

Renaming multiple files in windows was never this easier.

  • Select all the files or folders in a “specific folder“. For eg: Folder “Images” contains multiple files with random names. To select all files press “Ctrl + A” key on the keyboard or from the folder menu select “Edit -> Select All”. If you want to un-select few files from the selection, Press “Ctrl and Click on the file”, the clicked file will be unselected.
  • Now press “F2” key on the keyboard or Right click on any folder and choose “Rename”. This will allow you to rename the file / folder. Rename the folder to a desire name and hit “Enter” key on the keyboard. All the files will get renamed in similar manner. For EG: if you rename the file as “Image” other files will be renamed to Image (1), Image (2) and so on.

Other way to rename multiple files in Windows.

There are many softwares available to rename the files and folder, one of which is “Rename Wiz“. This software is on the the better or shall I say the best software to rename files and folders in Windows. The Software has many features to rename multiple files, namely, adding suffix, adding preffix, renaming multiple extension of files, adding multiple folders at once and so on.

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