Internet Explorer does not open any website

Internet Explorer at times will make things little more difficult for you; however most of these problems are not related to internet explorer itself. If your internet explorer is not working or is not opening any websites then following can be some of the reasons.

  • Connection Link Failure: The simplest of the problems is that your ISP server or Lan is down and you can no longer access the internet. Check with your ISP and ask them to ping and route your IP address.
  • Proxy Settings: Check with your service provider (ISP) for any proxy server settings, if you require a proxy setting and you do not have a proxy server address in your internet explorer then you will not be able to access any websites or internet for the case, on the other hand if you do not require any proxy servers and you do have a setting for the same, then Internet Explorer will fail to open websites.
  • Account Expiration: Many a times the problem is simpler than what we think it actually is. You need to check with your ISP on the account that your internet account has not expired; this can be based on time limit or bandwidth limit.
  • Firewall is Enabled: If you have installed a third party firewall software such as Zone Alarm, Norton Protection Center, Black Ice etc then make sure your firewall settings allow internet explorer to send and receive data online. You need to add internet explorer in the white list of software and programs which are allowed to access the internet.
  • Infection: Your system might be infected by a worm, virus or Trojan which has disabled access for other programs. Many a times these virus, worms will use 100% of your internet bandwidth to spread itself and infect other computers on the network. You need to update your Antivirus software by “some means” and run a system scan.
  • Internet Explorer is Corrupt: Try installing other browser, such as firefox. Firefox is safer and more secure browser for online activities. Once firefox is installed, check if you can access the web.

If none of the above work then something is wrong with your operating system and you require help of your PC Mechanic or if you are an advance user then try to install a new system and cross check. Problem can also be related to system winsock files.

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